Established in 1987.

A&G Custom Motoring, serving Southern California for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on being a One Stop Shop for customization and repair options for all street, water and off-road vehicles. Our Customers include Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Ice Cube, X-zibit, Matt Barnes, Tito Ortiz, Big Boy from Power 106, Oscar De La Hoya, Los Angeles Kings, Snoop Dogg and many more. 

Alfred Delgado, CEO/Founder of A&G, begins to work on vehicles out of his garage. Alfred was locally known as the"go-to-guy" when someone wanted customization done to their vehicle. Early in Alfreds career he became an expert in vehicle electronics and developed a skill for car audio and power window conversions. In late 86' Alfred was faced with a terribly tough situation in his hands. Alfred had to make a decision, wether to continue working at his current job or to pursue a business of his own in an already high competition industry. 

Alfred Delgado decides to prevail against all odds and start his own car customization shop in East Los Angeles, California. $12,000 is what Alfred saved up to start his business and in August of 1987 his shop, A&G Custom Motoring Inc, was established. A&G in 87' consisted of a small 1,500sq. ft retail property on Whittier blvd. The initial services provided by Alfred and A&G were car audio, security systems and power window conversions. 


By 1988 business was booming for A&G, at this point Alfred and his team of car customization experts were being featured in magazine after magazine. Around the same time surrounding competitors in the same industry went out of business. According to many articles, the dividing factor between A&G and its competitors was the quality and detail of work. In late 88' A&G purchased its neighbor building to expand an additional 1,500Sq. ft, as well as adding wheels, tires, hydraulics and accessories to its services. 


1989 - 1994

1989 is the defining year for Alfred and the A&G team. Throughout 89' A&G teamed up with Lowrider Magazine to put on large, nation wide auto shows and concerts. Together Lowrider Magazine and A&G put on multiple shows in Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, and Japan. Their shows featured well known artist such as Ice Cube, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Zapp & Roger, Coolio, and many more. Towards the end of 94' A&G makes way for another grand partnership with Power 106FM, the leading radio station for hip-pop in Los Angeles.

1994 - 1997

At this point A&G Custom Motoring has become the industries leading shop in the country and around the world. As 10 years go by A&G looks back on where they started and where they stand at this point in 97'. In 97' is where A&G becomes the official "Home of the Stars" by customizing the most celebrity cars for actors, artists, companies and professional sports teams over its 10 year span. In late 97' is when Alfred decides to purchase the 10,000Sq. ft building on Whittier Blvd and Gerhart, containing a large show room, warehouse and12 installation bays with lifts. 


1997 - 2007

A&G once again, breaking records and opening eyes, becomes the only company to partner and advertise with Power106FM for an extended period of time. Continuing its excellence, A&G begins to participate in auto shows opposed to hosting them. Partnering with the Dub Show and making appearances at SEMA. Year after year A&G obtained the biggest booth at the Dub Show supporting the common passion and love for automotive enthusiast. While maintaining positive enthusiasm for the Dub Shows, A&G also featured large projects for companies at SEMA, producing some of the best cutting edge automotive creations in history of the industry. 


2007 - 2017

Continuing its excellence of craftsmanship and customer service, A&G begins to produce A&G Edition vehicles for surrounding dealerships, changing the car buying experience. At this point A&G is partaking in customizing vehicles, hosting shows, participating in shows, large business partnerships and projects. Including all of its business ventures, A&G decides to expand and revolutionize once again by selling A&G Edition vehicles right on the same lot. The addition of selling A&G Edition vehicles right from their lot provides customers with a new experience and puts a stamp on their reign of excellence and quality in the industry for the past 30 years. Alfred Delgado is still the current CEO of A&G Custom Motoring Inc.